7 Open 2'9" Equitation
21-24 September, 2023

7 Open 2'9" Equitation

Plc Rider
1243Sara Plaisted

2233Sarah Bologna

3182Kiara Spadafore

4188Cate Maloney

5199Olivia Owens

6265Nicole Matos

7271Ava Genthner

8261Hannah Buffington

121Teagan Kennedy

158Rachel Malloch-Enos

167Karlie Buck

178Jessica Romano

189Taylor Haselton

195Amanda Terbrusch

203Julianne Jette

229Annika Bezio

232Louise McLane

238Anna Leighton

258Hailey Locke

262Lilliana St. Pierre

280Kenna Labeau


3 County Fairgrounds, Northampton, Massachussets, United States

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