45 Open Children's Equitation Flat
21-24 September, 2023

45 Open Children's Equitation Flat

Plc Rider
1101Brielle Stine

2146Ike Williams

3238Bryn Graham

4249Nora Robbins

5282Michaela O'Connell

6223Jordan Zenaro

7263Jocelyn Plumpton

8112Jillian Thibaudeau

136Wilma Riordan

137Marilyn Riordan

159Taylor M. Nascimento

172Jennie Simmons

190Ellie Delorey

214Annika Ormsby

219Adelina Arevalo

221Charlotte Marks

231Olivia Miller

245Casey Dunn


3 County Fairgrounds, Northampton, Massachussets, United States

Judged By -- Todd Karn & Kathy Pinera

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