World Equestrian Center Winter Series 2022 Week 1
World Equestrian Center Winter Series 2022 Week 1
December 7-11

Sunday, December 11, 2022
Num Name
856 1.40m Jumper Classic, II, 2(b)
856C 1.40m Jumper Championship
851 NAL Low Jr/Am Classic 1.25m, II, 2(b)
851C NAL Low Jr/Am 1.25m Championship
853 NAL Med. Jr/Am Jpr Clsc 1.35m, II, 2(b)
853C NAL Medium Jr/Am Jpr 1.35m Championship
855 High Jr/Am Jpr. Classic 1.45m, II, 2(b)
855C High Jr/Am Jpr. 1.45m Championship

Saturday, December 10, 2022
Num Name
769 Low Jr/Am Jumper 1.20/1.25m, II,1
776 Medium Jr/Am Jpr 1.30/1.35m, II,1
782 High Jr/Am Jpr 1.40/1.45m, II,1
803 WEC Futures Prix 1.35-1.40m, II, 2(b)
805 $100K Lugano Diamonds GP, II, 2(a)

Friday, December 09, 2022
Num Name
644 1.30m Jumper 2 Phase Comp, II, 2(d)
644C 1.30m Jumper Championship
647 1.35m Jumper 2 Phase Comp, II, 2(d)
647C 1.35m Jumper Championship
649 1.40m Jumper Speed Comp., II,1
781 High Jr/Am Jumper 1.40/1.45m, II, 2(b)
775 Medium Jr/Am Jpr 1.30/1.35m, II, 2(b)
768 Low Jr/Am Jumper 1.20/1.25m, II, 2(b)

Thursday, December 08, 2022
Num Name
637 1.20m Jumper, II, 2(d)
643 1.30m Jumper, II,1
646 1.35m Jumper, II,1
804 WEC Welcome Prix 1.45m, II, 2(a)

Wednesday, December 07, 2022
Num Name
642 1.30m Jumper, II, 2(b)
645 1.35m Jumper, II, 2(b)
648 1.40m Jumper, II, 2(b)
636 1.20m Jumper, II,1

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