Piedmont Jumper Classic
Piedmont Jumper Classic
September 21st - 24th, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017
Num Name
577 NAL/WIHS High Child/Adult Amateur Jumper Classic 1.10m, II, 2(b)
577C NAL/WIHS High Adult Amateur Jumper Championship
578C NAL/WIHS High Child Amateur Jumper Championship
580 NAL 1.20m Junior/AO Jumper Classic, II, 2(a/b)
580C NAL 1.20m Junior/AO Jumper Classic Championship
581 NAL 1.30m Junior/AO Jumper Classic, II, 2(a/b)
581C NAL 1.30m Junior/AO Jumper Classic Championship
582 1.40M Junior/AO Jumper Classic, II, 2(b)
585 $25 000 Grand Prix American Standard, II, 2(a)

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Num Name
533 High Adult Amateur Jumper 1.10m, II, 1
536 High Children's Jumper 1.10m, II, 1
538 1.20m Junior/AO Jumper, II, 2(b)
539 1.20m Junior/AO Jumper, II, 1
541 1.30m Junior/AO Jumper, II, 2(b)
542 1.30m Junior/AO Jumper, II, 1
544 1.40M Junior/AO Jumper, II, 2(b)

Friday, September 22, 2017
Num Name
518 1.20m Jumper, II, 1
518C 1.20M Jumper Championship
521 1.30m Jumper, II, 1
521C 1.30M Jumper Championhip
523 1.40m Jumper, II, 1
512 1.10m Jumper, II, 1
532 High Adult Amateur Jumper 1.10m, II, 2(b)
535 High Children's Jumper 1.10m, II, 2(b)
552 NAYJDP Rising Star Stakes 1.00m, IV
584 $5 000 Welcome Stake 1.35m, II, 2(b)
552C NAYJDP Rising Star Stake

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Num Name
551 NAYJDP Style 1.00m
550 NAYJDP Intro to Showjumping 1.00m II, II
510 1.10m Jumper, II, 2(b)
511 1.10m Jumper, II, 2(c)
516 1.20m Jumper, II, 2(b)
517 1.20m Jumper, II, 2(c)
519 1.30m Jumper, II, 2(b)
520 1.30m Jumper, II, 2(c)
522 1.40m Jumper, II, 2(b)

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